CHAINLESS - Brave Enough To Be Myself

CHAINLESS - Brave Enough To Be Myself

Throughout my entire life, I've been put into boxes, and banalized in the limiting stereotypes of what people think I should be and feel.

I have been told how to think, what to do, how to behave, and which decisions to make.

I've been told I was too loud, too rebellious, too unconventional, too strong.. and so and so forth.

But today, after years of self-discovery, I finally broke free of all of the judgments and misconceptions people had about me.

Today I know that the only way I have to be happy is to freely express who I am. And today I know.. that there is nothing wrong with doing so.

This is what CHAINLESS means to me, it means being free of all impositions, means being free to be myself.

This is my attitude today, but it is not that easy to get there. This is also why I created GJ ATTITUDE a brand that for me is a way to be not just a way to dress.

A brand that wants to encourage you today to take that one step out of that prison of judgments and expectations they put you in.

I want you to be free to be yourself.
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