The Power of Words

The Power of Words

I'm thinking back on that day when by talking to a friend years ago, when I first designed this NOT A PRINCESS t-shirt, and came up with all of the other affirmations for my brand, I wasn't ready to be that powerful woman yet.

I looked at that design every day thinking that if that was my message to the world, I must be that person. 

But by wearing the t-shirt every day and truly believing in those words... I eventually ended up becoming that person.

That friend recently told me: "You wanted so hard to be that person, that you ended up being that woman."

This is how the power of words work.

Used with skill, each word can contain a power and energy that shifts mindsets, opens dialogue, motivates and inspires other people and even yourself. Used ineffectively, words can demotivate, discourage, disengage, and, in extreme cases, make someone ill.

With GJ ATTITUDE, I want to offer those inspirational words to other women out there who need to hear them and to become them. 

We are NOT princesses, we are more than that, WE ARE WOMEN.

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